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Thursday, December 02, 2004
  Thanksgiving Recap:

Yay! Stefan and I had two short/long car trips back and forth to Cleveland. The were of the six or seven hour variety, but the time flies when you talk as much and as fast as us, and listen to good music and have snacks. We also got to enjoy some of the Chicago nightlife with T&L before Stefan had to go back to NYC. No worries - he will be back soon.

News I have been reading instead of working on my paper:

The new Homeland Security guy is bad ass. For example:

Three years after joining the NYPD, Bernard became a fearless narcotics detective nicknamed the 'Mayhem Magnet.' "I grew my hair down to the middle of my back, had a big goatee and six diamond studs in my ear with a gold loop at the bottom. I sort of looked like Charles Manson. My buy areas were Harlem, Spanish Harlem and Washington Heights, and it was probably one of the hardest jobs and roughest jobs I've ever had. We seized more drugs, more cocaine than any cops in the history of the NYPD in over a two and a half year period — about 10 tons of cocaine and about 60 million dollars in cash."

And Marcel Duchamp's urinal got voted the most influential piece of artwork of all time, beating out a lot of people who actually painted and sculpted things. This makes people angry, which justs makes Duchamp's point, all over again. Whenever you argue about him, he wins, people. Seriously. 
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