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Wednesday, September 29, 2004
Here are the new Mom and Dad, Candace and John! Posted by Hello 
Tuesday, September 28, 2004
Here's a cute picture of Steve and Caitlyn on their wedding day! Caity is the little sister of my brother John's friend-since-he-was-little, Landon. (Did you get that?) That made for an especially fun wedding and reception, since I already knew the bride's brother and sister, etc. It was also nice that Caity's family lives (literally!) down the street from my Mom, so most people didn't have to travel.

The whole thing was very low-key: they had the cute, short, barefoot ceremony in a park nearby, and the reception was a potluck dinner at a restored mansion in the park.

Tomorrow: hopefully, there will be pictures of Miss Isabella. I need to find a scanner somewhere...
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Monday, September 27, 2004
  This just in!

It was a big weekend for my family. My step-brother Steve got married on Friday (my mom's husband's son) and my brother John became a new Dad. Isabella Katherine was born to John and Candace early in the morning on September 24. I am an aunt!

I will have some wedding and baby pictures soon, I promise.

It was also a weekend of crazy travelling for me -- with two L's or one! either is acceptable! -- my little rental car and I covered quite a bit of territory:

Friday morning: 400 miles, from the Lab to Cleveland
Saturday night: 140 miles, Cleveland to Pittsburgh
Sunday: 140 + 50 + 180 = 370 miles, Pittsburgh to Geneva, Ohio to Ann Arbor, MI
Tonight: 280 miles, Ann Arbor back to Chicago

I listened to some good CD's in the car: some Ani, some Weezer, a bunch of Eddie Izzard (thanks Tina and Bo!) a mix CD of Stefan's from Bonnaroo (thanks, Stefan!) and Green Day's newest album (thanks Stef, J!) This American Life, Lyle Lovett (thanks, Kirby!) ... for a grand total of almost 1200 miles this weekend. More, I'm sure, if you count the driving around inside all those cities... 
Sunday, September 26, 2004
  Links that are not for the tender ears:
An oldie but goodie.
And: Is that what you want?

They're some old flash movies from Brunching Shuttlecocks -- I think of the first one every so often and it's a pain in the booty to google because I can never remember much about it. I know it has some association with Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, one of the characters is an egg roll, and it has a great last line. Try googling that. The second one features Lore, whom you may know.

While you're rocking the internet videos, Ben Folds fans should check out the online video for "still fighting it". (If you prefer Windows Media Player, you can go to the Ben Folds site and click "video" on the top bar to get to it.) I like its homespun filming and sentimentality. Good song, too. 
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