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Monday, March 21, 2005
  Recent (as of March, when I postponed and abandoned this entry) fun things/places/people described in two sentences or less (reviews for the impatient.)
  1. The futureheads: I saw them, weeks ago at the Double Door in Chicago. They were good, bouncy fun!
  2. Washington DC: Wow, is there a lot of marble in DC. I think I notice that every time I go there, but it is really true.
  3. Tryst: There is one happy place in DC that is open late and has free wireless internet, and that place is Tryst. Also, squishy couches. Coffee. Booze.
  4. The DC Comedy Festival: I did not pee myself, as the t-shirts advertised, but I laughed a lot.
  5. The Elephants Larry: awesome.
  6. Troop! also awesome. Elephant Larry's BFF's-not-in-NYC.
Now I remember why I abandoned this entry in March. I felt like I should add links for all those things, and, to quote The Brits, "I couldn't be arsed."

Though I would feel remiss if I didn't include a bit more info about Tryst, since it was really great. For example, a photo. And the address: 2459 18th Street, NW, Washington DC. 
i just don't know yet.

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